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Best Type of Headache Treatment

headache treatment redwood city chiropractorWhen confronted with  power or recurring headaches, many people are not sure about which type of treatment is the best one.  In every single place you look, you see pharmaceutical corporations promoting medicines for relieving headaches. However, what about curing the reason for headaches? Although there are a variety of headache triggers, the majority stem from issues with the neck, and that is where the Chiropractic adjustment might be extraordinarily effective.

Headache Symptoms are a typical complaint in patients presenting for professional care, including chiropractic management.  Patients with headache symptoms search chiropractic care as a result of they discover manipulation or changes utilized to the cervical backbone and upper back area are highly effective in decreasing the depth, frequency and length of the headache pain.  It’s because the cervical spine / neck, is commonly the origin of the headache because the three nerves in the higher neck (C1, 2 and 3) cross by way of the thick, overly taught neck muscular tissues in route to the scalp / head.  When the muscles of the neck are in spasm, the nerves get “pinched” or squeezed by the overly tight muscular tissues resulting in headache pain.  Each nerve runs to a distinct a part of the top and subsequently, ache may be described as “…radiating excessive of head (typically into the forehead and eyes),” or, into the top and over the ear, typically reaching the temple.  Additionally, an area located in the back and side of the head is the area where the C1 nerve innervates, so pain may additionally be reported in that location.  When greater than one of the C1-three nerves is pinched, the entire facet to the top of the top could also be involved.

In the October 2009 issue of The Spine Journal, Western States Chiropractic College, Center for Outcomes Studies, reported advantages are obtained with the utilization of spinal manipulation within the therapy of chronic cervicogenic (which means coming from the neck) headaches.  The phrase ” chronic” means at  least 3 months of headache symptoms have been present.  This new study compared 2 completely different doses of therapy using a number of final result measures including the pain grade, the number of headaches in the final four weeks of the study, and the amount of medicine utilized.  Data was collected every four weeks for a 24 week period and patients had been treated 1-2 instances/week and separated into either an 8 or a 16 treatment session with half the group receiving either spinal manipulative remedy or a minimal light therapeutic massage (LM) control group.

The outcomes of the study revealed the spinal manipulation group obtained better results than the control group at all time intervals.  There was a small benefit within the group that received the greater amount of therapies with the mean number of cervicogenic headaches decreased by 50% in both pain intensity and frequency.

The importance of this study is critical as there are a lot of uncomfortable side effects to medicines continuously utilized for the remedy of headaches.  Many patients do not want to take medications, and for that reason,  spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) offers a perfect treatment for these patients.  Couple SMT with dietary administration, lifestyle modifications, stress management, and a pure, vitamin/natural anti-inflammatory (akin to ginger, turmeric, boswellia) when wanted, a natural, holistic strategy to the administration of chronic headaches is accomplished.

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