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Cold Season Is Here, But You Can Fight It Naturally

Cold Season Is Here, But You Can Fight It Naturally

By Editorial Staff of To Your Health Newsletter:

If you’re thinking cold season is still far off, you’ve made your first mistake. Cold season officially begins
in August or early September, according to statistics, getting progressively worse and lasting all the way
until late March or early April. That means you and your family are at risk today and every day for quite a
few months. And keep in mind that with kids back in school at all ages, your chances of catching a cold
from someone else who’s got one also increase dramatically.
Fortunately, there’s a natural way to shorten the duration of your misery if you do happen to develop a cold:
zinc lozenges. While previous studies have suggested this association, a recent review goes a step further,
connecting the use of lozenges containing zinc acetate (75 mg or more) with a reduction in the number of
days (from seven to four) experiencing cold symptoms – even in people without allergies. In fact, zinc
lozenges proved effective regardless of cold severity as well.

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So, you’ve got options when you develop a cold: rush to
the medicine cabinet / pharmacy and load yourself up with a decongestant, cough suppressant and various
other medications – all of which have potential side effects and generally only suppress symptoms; or take
some zinc lozenges and get plenty of fluids and rest. We know which option we’d choose; how about you?
Note: Citric acid inhibits zinc absorption, so look for a lozenge without citric acid to maximize absorption
and get the most zinc bang for your buck! Talk to your doctor for more information about this and other
natural ways to treat the common cold without resorting to medication.

Chiro Patients Spend Less & Recover Faster

Back pain is an expensive health problem for both businesses and patients. A 2012 study reported that we spend about $635 billion on pain every year, with a significant amount of that spent on back pain. Over the years, quite a few studies have shown that chiropractic care is more effective for back pain than medical care, plus chiropractic patients spend less money on their care than medical patients do.
A group of Canadian researchers recently investigated the role that the type of primary caregiver has on financial compensation because back pain is such a common problem.
This was a large study of 5,511 patients who experienced a work-related back injury in Ontario, Canada. The patients saw the following providers for their first visit:
– 85.3% saw a medical doctor
– 11.4% saw a chiropractor
– 3.2% saw a physical therapist
The authors set out to “compare the duration of financial compensation for back pain” among patients from each care group.
The study found that chiropractic patients had the shortest amount of time receiving compensation for their pain and also were less likely to have a recurrence.
In addition, chiropractic patients didn’t need to see other healthcare providers for their pain. 75% of chiropractic patients saw no other provider, while 58.6% of physical therapy patients also saw a medical doctor.
The authors conclude:
” The type of healthcare provider first visited for back pain is a determinant of the duration of financial compensation during the first 5 months. Chiropractic patients experience the shortest duration of compensation, and physiotherapy patients experience the longest.”

Kale Salad with Grilled Artichokes

Kale is one of the true superfoods.  It can also be incredibly tasty, as evidenced by this recipe, from Wolfgang Puck.

kale salad picture


To See the Recipe, CLICK HERE

Chiropractic Education

Many individuals seem surprised to learn that the chiropractic education procedure is so substantial. Whether you’re preparing to become a chiropractic doctor, medical physician, or dental practitioner, it takes 4 years of university followed by and additional 4-5 years of additional education (med institution, dental institution, chiropractic university) simply because there is that much to discover about the body to become a competent healthcare carrier.

Depending on the location of interest an individual has in the wellness care industry, it takes a comparable quantity of time to complete the educational program.


*The preliminary action is finishing a common “pre-med” undergraduate or university degree.

* Courses including biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, psychology, various science laboratories, in addition to all the liberal art requirements should graduate are included in the undergraduate education procedure.

*Many states now need 4 years of university in addition to the 4 to 5 school years of chiropractic education to practice in their specific state.

*When entering a chiropractic university, the same format exists as a lot of healthcare disciplines.

*The basic sciences are covered in the first half of the educational procedure after which time effective completion of the National Panels Part I examination is needed to move into the 2nd half – the clinical sciences.

* From there, internships, residency programs, preceptorship programs become offered to the chiropractic student.

* When graduated, residence programs including (however not limited to) orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, radiology, sports medication, rehabilitation, internal medication, and others are options. Many various Masters and doctorate programs in specialty locations are likewise offered.

At one of the chiropractic colleges, the academic core program or Medical Practice Educational program consists of 308 credit hours of course research and consists of 4,620 contact hours of lecture, laboratory and clinical education.

There are 4 years of education arranged in a mandatory series.

The degree of Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) is awarded upon effective completion of the needed course of research.

In order to get a degree, a student must have pleased all academic and clinical requirements and should have made no less than the last 25 percent of the overall credits needed for the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, enabling up to 75 percent of the overall credits with advanced standing.

The academic program could be finished in 3 and one-third fiscal year of constant residency. College graduation, nonetheless, is contingent upon completion of the program in accordance with the standards of the College, which fulfill or go beyond those of its accrediting companies.

In addition to courses included in the curriculum, a range of treatment electives are offered to the students. These electives are developed to match the research of adjustive treatments included and help with examination of specialized methods.

As Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), we are dedicated to offering the greatest quality care offered to our patients. We coordinate care with other physicians when proper in pursuit of reaching the goal of our assisting our patients in the most effective, economic, and evidence-based method possible.

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