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Herniated Disc Treatment

Been Suffering With A Herniated Disc?

Were You Told Surgery is Your Only Option?

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Government Studies Expose This Alarming Fact: 99% of all back surgeries performed in the United States are Medically Unnecessary! Yes, You may be that 1/100 people that does need surgery, but it is WAY more likely you are one of the other 99 people! 

93% Effectiveness With Certain Types of Chiropractic Treatment!

You read right.  some studies have shown a 93% effectiveness at relieving or curing the pain and symptoms associated with a herniated disc.  Certainly, there are instances where surgery is necessary, and we will talk about those later.

To understand why Chiropractic care is so effective at treating people with herniated discs, you have to understand how and why discs herniate.  Discs are the cartilage “spacers” found in between each of you vertebrae (backbones). They connect the vertebrae, and due to their gelatinous center, act as a “shock absorber” for your spine.

You also need to know that discs do not have a very good blood supply, and rely on your body’s movement to flush blood into the discs, and pump toxins out of the disc.  The analogy I use is the disc behaves like a sponge.   sponge-newWhen You bend your body, fluid is “squished out” of the disc, like pressing down on a wet sponge.  Standing back up straight causes blood to be sucked into a disc, like releasing your hand from the squished, wet sponge. Pictured to the left is a new, moist sponge, analagous to a healthy disc.


What Happens When Your Spine Is Not Moving Correctly?

bigstock-Old-Dry-Spong-286632When your spine is not moving properly, or spinal joints are “locked up”, the precious flow of nutrients and blood into the disc decreases, as does the removal of toxic waste products out of the disc.  This causes the disc to dry out, leaving an unhealthy disc that is vulnerable to decay and injury, just like the old, dried out sponge pictured to the left.


How Does A Disc Herniate?

Most commonly, unhealthy discs over time develop cracks in the outer layers of the disc.  Eventually, those cracks can elongate and reach the gelatinous center of the disc, called the nucleus, or nucleus pulposis. This allow the nucleus to bulge and deform the shape of the disc, putting pressure on the nerves that exit the spine, as seen in the pictures below.





How Does Chiropractic Help This?

In our office, the herniated disc treatment of choice is technically called “flexion – distraction”, or intermittent traction. This treatment method relieves pressure on the bulging or herniated disc, while moving the spinal segments through their normal types of motion.  This pumps blood into the disc, removes toxic metabolic wastes, and over time, allows the disc to reabsorb the herniated nucleus material, and allowing the cracks in the disc to heal.

herniated disc treatment

That’s it! There’s no magic.  Just plain, good old science, anatomy, and common sense.  We find the areas of the spine not moving enough or correctly, and get them moving again through safe, manual methods.

In our office, we have successfully prevented numerous people from having to undergo back surgery.

We also utilize several physiotherapy techniques and nutritional therapies to help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with disc herniations.  After your pain reduces enough, we then start you on a rehabilitative exercise regimen to sped the healing process and allow you to stabilize and strengthen your lower back, to minimize future problems in that area.

When is Back Surgery Indicated?

Frankly there are only a defined set of symptoms or situations where surgery really is the only option.

  • You have undergone at least a 6 week trial of conservative care, with no change in your symptoms.
  • The pain has become unbearable, even with pain medications.
  • You experience changes in your bowl or bladder function – the inability to hold your urine or feces, or the inability to eliminate.
  • You experience a numbness surrounding the anus.

These are all red flags that indicate surgery needs to happen.


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