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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Whiplash is No Big Deal

Left untreated, it can cause life-long pain and disability

[wp_graphic id=”arrow16″ type=”arrows” align=”left” width=”50px” top=”0px” bottom=”0px” left=”0px” right=”0px”][/wp_graphic]Studies show the sooner you get the proper treatment after the injury, the better the outcome.

[wp_graphic id=”arrow16″ type=”arrows” align=”left” width=”50px” top=”0px” bottom=”0px” left=”0px” right=”0px”][/wp_graphic]Whiplash injuries can be sustained in an auto accident, a fall, and with a sports injury.

[wp_graphic id=”arrow16″ type=”arrows” align=”left” width=”50px” top=”0px” bottom=”0px” left=”0px” right=”0px”][/wp_graphic]The severe whipping of the head forwards and backwards or side to side results in soft-tissue injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the neck.

For over a decade, I have helped hundreds to recover from the devastating effects of a whiplash injury. As Chiropractors, we are uniquely suited to treating people with whiplash injuries. Our systematic approach using chiropractic adjustments, active rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and massage, along with nutritional support, ensures you the best possible outcome.

To see a short video explaining whiplash, click here.

What Your Insurance Company Does Not Want You To Know:

If you have been in an auto accident there’s some critical information you need to know. Information your insurance company doesn’t want you to know. Even if a medical doctor has examined you, you need to be checked by a spinal expert – a Doctor of Chiropractic. Why? Only Chiropractors can detect subtle injuries to the spine, so call our office today.

 Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Many injuries sustained in auto accidents are hidden injuries to the ligaments and muscles of the spine.  When they don’t heal properly they form scar tissue, predisposing you to degenerative disc disease later on in life.
  1. The insurance company will tell you if there is no damage to the car, you could not possibly be hurt. Numerous studies have shown you cannot correlate the amount of damage to the vehicle to a person’s injury. There are over 3 million new whiplash injuries each year, and in low speed rear impact crashes, the risk of injury is 30 to 60%. Of these people, 30 to 50% never fully recover and 14% become disabled.
  1. Contrary to what you may have been told, whiplash type injuries do not typically resolve in 6 to 12 weeks. Numerous studies show a significantly longer recovery time. Many injuries can take up to a year to resolve.

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